Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pollution And The Gas Turbine.

Pollution and all matters concerning our eco evolution have become of uttermost importance in today’s society.  So much so that there is a growing awareness to the future and sustainability of fossil fuel burning power plants as they continue to have global effects on climate changes.  It is no secret nor surprise that the reduction of these emissions are of cardinal importance for our environment and subsequently for us as a society.

The current emissions from gas turbines are relatively small in comparison to other fossil fuels used for energy.  It has been noted that nothing is indeed as harmful as the emissions of burning coal. In 2010 43% emissions produced from fuel combustions were from coal, the next was from oil and the least was from gas.  It is generally accepted that the emissions from fossil fuels such as coal and oil are better replaceable with gas turbine combustion of whom  which the manufacturers and legislative powers are committed to lowering the negative impact environmentally.

Worldwide the conditions for emission permits are getting stricter.  The rules to which gas turbines must submit to are constantly becoming more stringent.  The ITS Flame Scanner is made from the best and most durable steel, making it able to resist very high temperatures.  It's electronic composition is perfectly optimised for ensuring that the burning of fuel within the turbine is executed correctly for longer periods of time than other Flame Scanners might be able to do.

All things considered gas turbines are still a very viable option for power generation while simultaneously lowering the harm done to the environment.

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