Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Power Gen Expo Europe 2014

Last week the team from Industrial Turbine Services attended the annual Power Gen Europe Expo in Cologne, Germany.  There was a noticeable difference in the multitude of traffic from previous years and my colleague immediately noted that it would be a much more peaceful experience than what he has witnessed in the past.  The overall organisation of the event was done excellently and everything flowed in a smooth and effortless manner.

We had already purchased our day passes online and this made the wait much shorter than normal.   The idea of having a fast track line has made it much less troublesome to wait in a queue.   After making it to the front and receiving our event catalogue and name tags, we made our way through to the exhibition halls. We inquisitively snaked along the rows of very neatly laid out stalls, attentively looking through brochures and listening in on discussions about Gas Turbines and all of the functionalities that go with it.

After a day of keenly observing the marketing strategies of big companies such as Siemens, Wärtsilä and General Electric it was our conclusion that in 2014 the Expo in its entirety seems to have reduced quite a bit in comparison to previous years.  The packaging and presentation of brochures have considerably increased in recent years.  The overall finish on all of the marketing material I found to be of a very professional nature and there is something to be said for presentation and strategy of all of the exhibitors involved.

In conclusion the Power Gen Europe expo is a great platform for networking with existing customers as well as creating new contacts for building fresh and long lasting business relationships.

We look forward to attending in 2015!

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