Wednesday, June 25, 2014

EPA's Are Turning The Tide

The ever growing stronger emissions standards on the automotive industry seem to have finally made its dent.  Over the time since 2004 when these new regulations started taking shape, there is a definite downward decline in the pollution scale according to research done by the University of Michigan. There is a solid and traceable line of positive change from the time of implementation to present day.

This way of thinking is starting to manifest itself in the subconscious of the everyman and taking shape in the consumerist behaviour in the car industry as a whole.

Unfortunately the power plant industry has not been able to emulate the same kind of success in their show of progress in the same area.   President Obama has recently released a proposal to cut carbon emissions by 30% over the next 16 years in the US.  This would be seemingly more unpopular with the general public as they are intending to replace the cheapest form of energy such as coal and replace it with something seemingly more expensive.
Nevertheless the general American public appear to be backing the Obama administration for its efforts in reducing greenhouse emissions considerably and regardless of our opinion great changes lie ahead in the future of Power Plants as a whole.

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